Finally Friday – A Week in Review

Yes, it’s finally Friday, and with a long weekend ahead of us, we can enjoy a little more down time. Mine will start about 30 seconds after I finish this post! Anyway, some updates on the Orphaned Works Act – some very passionate members of the NAPP community have been working together to get a website up to get the word out on a broader basis, so keep your browsers tuned to over the next few days as updates, links to news items, and representative info will be going live. Additionally, posters and graphics are being compiled for people to share in their own regional communities too. So, if you participate in the arts (and you likely do if you’re reading this blog), tag the site as a bookmark:

Brian over at Professional Snapshots got a G9 and shared some initial thoughts on that (as well as an interesting test shot), so stop over to his blog and see his feedback. Comment if you get a chance too – Brian always has fun stuff to read and share.

1001 Noisy Cameras does their latest update to the Canon SLR Market Price list indicating that prices pretty much remain the same, but now we have rebates! There’s also a link to a lengthy review of the Canon Xsi (and apparently somewhere in there a comparison between the 40D and the 450D??? I, like them, don’t understand – it’s apples and oranges. Anyway, stop over to 1001NC and read all about it – thanks guys for your info -you are on my must-read list since I learned about y’all! (Also, the TOP Test you linked to had some updates – see below for more)

Scott Kelby reminds us to back up our hard drives today (which I need to do btw…)

Ctein makes a passionate plea to avoid using music in website design over at The Online Photographer (thank you!)

Last, but not least, here’s some blog updates for CB:

  • I am almost done with the article compilations on creating your own photo website, so thanks to all for their patience.
  • The Online Photography Test has moved and now as TWO tests: Basic and Advanced! The latter still needs a few questions so stop over and take it, see your scores and share thoughts to round it out!
  • My photo shoots have been keeping me busy, but a gallery has been published here for viewer enjoyment: A Day in the Park
  • Another gallery should be forthcoming shortly too – still waiting on a model release.

Finally, lest I forget the Friday Funnies, stop over to What The Duck for a chuckle – or would it be a Duckle?

What the DUck - Friday May 23rd

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2 comments for “Finally Friday – A Week in Review

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  2. May 26, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    Hey thanks for the link Jenny – I’ll check it out and see if the one I use is on there! Sorry it took me a few days to make this visible, it was caught in the spam queue (I think because of the link). Glad you stopped in to share some thoughts.

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