While most of the content here at Canon Blogger is free, the purpose of course is to demonstrate to you, the reader, not only about my passion for photography, but also my desire to share what I know about the craft.  To that end, I have begun to offer training sessions for people interested in learning more about photography.  I can help you with gear questions, software questions, composition questions, color calibration, terms, developing, printing, you name it!

Whether the training is done through workshops, seminars, or even one-on-one sessions, my goal is to deliver high quality training content that will really benefit you immediately in your photography.  Group rates are available if you have friends and all want to learn together.  Rates for workshops and one-on-one sessions are provided below.

Workshop (minimum 10 people):

  • $80/person Photography 101 – Learning the Basics of Photography – Getting to know your camera
  • $100/person Photography 201 – Learning Advanced Compositional Techniques – dealing with low light, tripods, and flashes
  • $75/person Software 101 – Learning about software options available to you and the nuts and bolts of what each does and how it works.
  • $125/person Software 201 – Learning the ins and outs of how to post process your photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, or Adobe Photoshop CS5

One-on-One Training

Need more hands-on training?  Like personal attention?  I’ll bring all my gear, a laptop and all available software to you, and let you use everything in your own hands.  I will also help you learn whatever it is you want to learn more about.  It’s all about personal attention here and answering all the questions you have on any topic you want to cover.

$250 – Half Day Session

$400 – Full Day Session

Call or email to schedule a time that fits your schedule today!  (720) 684-9500 or jason <AT>