DST Blues


Yep, the ole Spring Forward/Fall back bug bit us this past weekend.  On top of that, a rather late night on Saturday has re-doubled its effect on me today.  Since I am an admitted night owl, the mornings did not afford me the time to put together the blog post for Monday.

So…sports fans, today is officially a bleary-eyed no blog day!  Tune in tomorrow for the (semi) weekly podcast, some photo goodness, and a tweak in the podcast format for even better delivery to the fabulous listeners.  In the meantime… zzzzzzzzzz

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1 comment for “DST Blues

  1. March 9, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    Ah! So thats what happened. It was 2am on Sunday morning and my HTC diamond phone started cheerily chirping and telling me that it had happily adjusted for daylight saving. Confused, I switched it off and went back to sleep asuming that I’d missed all the anouncements. I got up an hour later of course. Unfortunately, I’m in the UK and our clocks don’t change for another three weeks! Thanks HTC!

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