People like to learn, but learning is always more fun if you have a chance to win something!  The sense of competition, spirit, and challenges to your creativity are empowering tools, and here at CB, for as often as I am able, through the generous donations from sponsors, I have had the unique opportunity to hold regular contests where the winner can walk away with some pretty cool prizes, all for free!

There are two conditions for contest participants though (you knew they were coming, right?)  The first is – you must have a Flickr account, as this is where we host the contests, and where your images should be posted from.  Second, in order to feature the finalists (and winners), I need to be able to download and assemble the photos into a gallery.  I do not use the photos for any other purpose and the shooter always retains full copyright over their images, so rest assured, your copyright is respected.

Lastly, due to increased popularity and participation in the contests, a complete set of  “Rules of Engagement” has been prepared for public reference is available here on the blog, and a link to these rules will be at the start of every contest.  It is up to the entrants to be responsible adults and ensure you are following the rules (hint:  one rule is that you have to be over 18 to enter…).

As I remember to, I will add links to the most recent contests here, but if you are ever in doubt as to whether there is an active contest – simply visit the main group page, called Learning Digital Photography.  Links to current and past contest threads are all in there too.  Check the guidleines posted in the first entry I write for each contest period, as some things do change depending on the perceived level of difficulty.  For instance, sometimes you may be able  enter more than one images.  Sometimes you can use archived images, other times, current captures only…but the most important thing to remember is:  It’s all for the sake of learning and having fun!  So, let’s have fun out there! 🙂

Here’s the contest history:

Oh yeah, and if you want to follow me, my Flickr Page is here.


If you don’t see an option above your photo that says “All Sizes”, then you are likely not including an image that is accessible for inclusion in galleries, or is between 600-800px on the longest side.

The screen immediately above your image should look like this:

When you click on “All Sizes” – click on it and all the available sizes should populate on Flickr.

If you don’t see that, then I can’t see it at the 600-800px size…

If that is not there, then you’ve uploaded an image that is not accessible, and is likely under the minimum requirement of 600-800 pixels, or your privacy settings don’t let people see things correctly:

If you are concerned about privacy, and don’t want the world to see your photos, then the next best option would be to add me to your contacts list, and set the option to allow your contacts to see your images in the option below:

The above contest guidelines are to be read on conjunction with the Rules of Engagement that give the detailed provisions for the monthly giveaway series.  Please read them and make sure you understand them before submitting an image.

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