Cameras for Christmas? Not so fast!

It’s no secret that prices for things tend to adjust based on the season.  For instance, gas grills are cheaper in the winter, as are fans, air conditioners, and pool chlorine.  Conversely, sweaters, warm clothing, and snow shovels can be had for bargain basement prices in the summer.  But where do digital cameras and other technology items fit into the picture? My line of thinking is that such items are less susceptible to seasonal trends.  But, apparently, there are trends that can be deciphered for pretty much anything – camera gear included.

The most recent issue of Consumer Reports suggests that pricing trends for digital cameras tends to be the best during March and April, then again in September and October.  This kind of makes sense after I thought about it because that’s typically when the vendor rebate programs are rolled out, and you can apply discounts to existing models that are probably already marked down as new products are pending release.  Vendors have to clear out old inventory sooner or later, and the rebate programs are a way to do that.

So, does that mean the Powershot G11 you just got for your spouse, sibling or parent was a bad buy?  Not necessarily…but if you are looking to add gear to your own inventory, you may want to consider holding off until the months Consumer Reports suggests to see the biggest savings.  Want to see what the seasonal trends are for other items?  I’d highly recommend getting your own subscription to CR, but for those interested in seeing what they suggest for 2010, here’s a summary from my own issue:

Consumer Reports Product Trends

Consumer Reports Product Trends

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