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With the huge expanding nature of blogging and sharing your photography through an online blog, there’s been a lot of photo-blog projects started, and while many are quite good (and also inspirational), others have been started and it’s pretty obvious from the start that while the photos may be decent – the blogging platform has left a little to be desired.

The WordPress Platform

That leaves a question mark on many peoples minds – How do you set up a photo blog?  What system should you use?  Are there any special features or “must have” elements?  Kerry Garrison (of Camera Dojo) and I tackle this popular question on this week’s show, Episode #48 of Learning Digital Photography:

Show Notes


  • Sigma 17-50 f2.8 Lens released
  • New Line of Phones from multiple vendors – Droid, Samsung, etc.
  • Announcements of upcoming events


  • WordPress – Registration, configuration and setup
  • Themes – Design and style of your website
  • Plugins – Features and functions to include

Listener Q&A

  • Aspect Ratio
  • Luster vs Gloss

We’re still on the PLM feed (I promise, the change is coming soon), but for the time being if you aren’t getting it from iTunes, here’s a direct download:

Episode #48


Finally, it wouldn’t be a day without a mention of the upcoming workshops (which are running out of space and time for registration, esp Anaheim, so sign up soon before you miss the boat!), the latest eBook release I’ve put out here on the blog – with a HUGE 20% savings through the end of the month, and the latest FREE giveaway to win a full free copy of Adobe Lightroom 3.0!

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