August Winner – September Begins!

Ahhh, month-end.  Contest announcement days!  As most know, this is the time when the previous month’s winner is typically announced and the next month theme is opened up for entries.  Today is no exception…

First up, congratulations go out to Evelyn B. for her winning metal-themed image:

Metal Theme Winner

Not only is this a perfectly-lit image, but the details are spot on, and it totally fits the theme of Metal!  Congrats to Evelyn B. from Flickr – please email me your contact information so I can submit to Red River Paper for you to get the pack of Pearl Metallic Paper (which this would look fabulous printed on btw…)  Thanks to the folks over at Red River Paper for their generous donation of a pack of this really awesome paper (it really does make images just jump off the page!).  Thanks also to everyone for their entries – again, a tough decision!


And now for September, the theme is Movement.  Why, you ask?  Because if you want to shoot, and be mobile or moving from one place to another, one of the best things you can have in your gearbag is a mobile gear bag!  I am speaking of none-other than the Black Rapid R-Strap!  This device straps across your shoulder and holds your camera comfortably at your hip while you walk and talk, then quick as a wink you can pull your camera up and take a shot of whatever strikes your fancy!

I’ve had one of these since the 4th generation (RS-4), and with many improvements and advances in design, they are now in their seventh generation (RS-7).  Valued at nearly $60, this prize is sure to bring a lot of interest.  The Contest Guidelines and Rules of Engagement apply, so be sure to stop over at the Flickr thread, check it all out, and get your images in – the more the merrier!

Since we’re on the contest topic, we’ve had quite a laundry list of prizes over the last…15 months!  Here’s a sampling from that list:

2009 2010
June – Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Jan – HDRSoft Photomatix Pro
July – OnOne Software Plugin Suite February – Expo Imaging Expodisc
August – Wacom Bamboo Funn March – Cheetah Quickstand
September – Topaz Plugin Suite April – Expo Imaging, Expodisc
October – Noise Ninja Pro May – PTGui Panorama Software
November – Book, B&H Giftcard, NAPP DVD June – Lexar 2 4GB Lexar Pro 300x CF Cards
December – Giveaway Bonanza July – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0
August – Red River Paper Pack
Black Rapid – RS7

No doubt – a wide variety of software, gear, and other photo goodness.  I know what’s in store for the rest of 2010, but as we move through the end of the year, would love to hear your ideas for fun prizes and giveaways?  Sound off in the comments with your ideas, or shoot me an email from the “Contact Me” page (or via email).  It’s your comments that will define what the prizes are for 2011 (within reason of course…), so let’s hear from you!

That’s it for today – happy shooting and we’ll see you back here tomorrow to wrap up the week!  Don’t forget, the September Newsletter will be coming out soon, so if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to hit the sidebar so you can get your free monthly download of digital deals, photo finesse, and lots of other cool stuff from the site! (Or you can visit the new page I am working on here to help me test the system and work out some bugs…)

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3 comments for “August Winner – September Begins!

  1. Michael Petersheim
    September 2, 2010 at 7:17 am

    I think I’ve mentioned this to you before, but in case you forgot. . . I’d be interested in seeing a contest with a copy of Helicon Focus as the prize. Know how you can merge photos to increase your angle of view (panorama stitching) or increase your dynamic range (HDR merging)? Well, Helicon Focus lets you increase your DOF in the same way; take a series of photos with focus progressing from either front to back or back to front, and Helicon Focus will merge the sharp portions of each image to give you amazing detail, especially in macro shots. I’ve already installed and used up a trial version, so I’d like to get my hands on a full copy…

  2. Michael Petersheim
    September 2, 2010 at 7:18 am

    Oh, a NAPP membership would be cool, too.

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