Another Wednesday Walk around the Web

I mentioned it in the latest video podcast, but it also bears mentioning that Popular Photography’s annual Photo Wizard  contest is now underway.  Visit the contest page here for all the info and to download the images for compositing.  Good luck to all.  In other web news, did anyone else read about Apple’s latest update to Aperture 2.0?  Sounds like they are trying to compete with Adobe Lightroom – over 100 new features including one called Recover Slider…hmmm.

Other fun and inspiring sites I saw in the past few days:

  • Joe McNally’s blog – a little blurb about his book that is rocketing up the charts at Amazon.
  • Moose Peterson’s blog – always a great source of knowledge and inspiration
  • PhotoWalkPro – a great idea, and keep it in mind – they may take it on the road to a city near you!  Either that or schedule your own (Charleston SC did here)
  • JPG Magazine is always something I mean to get, read, and even submit work to.  Here’s a link to their site for more photography fun.

Don’t forget, the tutorial is still available, the poll is still going on, and I’m always excited about comments, feedback and ideas! 🙂

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1 comment for “Another Wednesday Walk around the Web

  1. Denear
    February 14, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    I too originally liked JPG magazine, especially the whole concept and the people behind it. After reading the how and why the company has evolved and the changes which occured recently, I am now not so sure…..
    I recommend you check out, read about it’s creator, who incidently was one of the driving forces behind JPG in it’s infancy, then work your way over to his blog. There you can find the whole story about what happened at JPG magazine.
    Sorry for the length of this comment, but thought more people should know.

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