An interva-what?

A friend of mine asked me if I had any recommendations the other day about time lapse…specifically software for post production.  It’s a great question and brings up a subject that I am actually quite interested in, although I have no hands-on experience with as of yet.   He’s got a Nikon D300, which apparently has the feature built in, so lucky him, because I need to go find an intervalometer now! 

An interva-what?  You heard me – an intervalometer!  It’s just a fancy name for a remote  control timer.  I like the former though as it’s cool sounding word!  Sounds kind of like the little ray gun that the martian was going to use to destroy planet earth in the classic Bugs Bunny Cartoon.  Or was that a modulator?  Well, anyway, much closer to reality, I have found myself recently considering adding another gadget to my toolkit!  Regardless of what you call it, these devices are considered  the tool to have when creating time lapse videos!  Some vendors include a timer setting on certain models, so be sure you check your owners manual before running out and buying one.  (More point-and-shoots have them than SLR’s – go figure!)  Nevertheless, it’s something I am looking at.  Here’s a few models that I am thinking about:

The Canon Specific Branded TC-80N3 (at B&H)

Opteka Timer Remote Control (on Amazon)

If anyone has other suggestions for remote timers, I am all ears! Of course with the time lapse, there is also the post production concern – although I am using Camtasia for video on my Windows box and iMovie or Quicktime on my Macbook Pro, so am pretty sure one if not more can handle time lapse.  Nevertheless, that is always a concern too, so feel free t sound off in the comments with your suggestions there too.   Interested in seeing time lapse photography in action?  Check out these cool links I’ve found:


Audio aside, there are some really creative approaches out there to time lapse.  Most I’ve seen are sunrise/sunset, moonrise, etc.  But the above three really captured my eye.  So, there you have it, something to inspire some creative juices going into the weekend!  Got your own ideas or links to time lapse?  Sound off in the comments!  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. April 4, 2010 at 11:33 am

    Hey this has nothing to do with your post here, but I know in the past you have asked for ideas to blog about. Well, I subscribe to about 15 or so different blogs and have not seen anyone touch on this subject yet. I’m new to the whole “small business” thing and it just dawned on me today while I was filling out my taxes how much money I could get back from Uncle Sam just by saving some receipts. So I got to thinking, because I’m a total moron when it comes to taxes and what not, what’s the most efficient way of doing taxes for a photographer? Preferably one who is just getting into the game, but I may be a little biased. Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there. Might be a little late for some, myself included, but maybe some good information to share. Thanks and Happy Easter!

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