An amateur audio adieu and adios

Funny store I thought would be worthy of sharing on the blog today…

As a blogger about photography, the last position I thought I would do is find myself in is spending my hobby monies on audio equipment, but… since I never really do things halfway, I decided to invest in some additional audio accessories. Until recently, my techno-phile tendencies were limited to two Windows-based PC’s, a Linux box that acts as a file/print server, and a Canon DSLR with a complement of a solid tripod, 3 accessory lenses, replete with multiple CF cards and gear bags.

A month ago, I added a Macbook Pro to the tool belt, and quickly saw the benefits of adding a peripheral keyboard and additional audio tracks, so saved some monies to bring that into play. Now, as I crawl up the underside of that learning curve, I decided it would be silly to keep recording the audio tracks on inferior gear ($20 combo headset/microphone).

So, I entered the audio realm full bore. First off, a Samson condenser mic. (This came with the keyboard actually as my birthday monies combined well to cover the cost.) After that, another wave of funds covered the accessories to both mount the microphone to a wall with two goosenecks serving as my “poor man’s boom”, and connecting cables to patch the audio to the computer. Filled with exuberance, I plugged the mic in and got set to record my first video podcast with new tracks and audio setup.

Much to my chagrin, the mic did not work.   After about ten minutes of troubleshooting, and a phone call to B&H to confirm my suspicions, I learned that condensor microphones require a dedicated power source, often referred to as phantom power supplies. Another investment on the order of roughly $40, and I am just about there.  However, the powersupply is another day or two away from arrival, so my next podcast will still have the popping “p”s and “b”s, but I am happy to say, it will be the last recorded at the “amateur audio level”…

So….in my next podcast (coming out tomorrow), I will bid an amateur audio adieu and adios!  (You  had to know the alliteration would return eventually!)  In any case, be on the lookout for another podcast soon – digital framing!  Enjoy the weekend all and happy shooting!

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