Adding Blur – and some more Photo Walk News

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are with your setup, the in-camera limitations simply cannot compensate for a vision you have, whether it be the color range of an image, its tonal range, or even the depth of field you want to achieve. A perfect example of this was posted in our regional clubs photo site last week. I shared a technique for adding blur to an image. While normally you wouldn’t think blur is something you want to add, as intuitively we are trained to think of images as sharp and crisp subject matter that is in focus. blur is something that can really enhance an image. I shared a technique I learned with the photog-friend, and in light of the tip, decided it would make a good tutorial as well. Check out the link for it at the end of this post. Here’s the web-version of the finished product, and a link to Jon’s photo site if you’d like to see more of his work.


Don’t forget to vote on the poll to the right, asking how many cameras are in your house? We’re still a long way from the 100 mark, so it’ll be staying up for a while…unless we start “rocking the [proverbial] boat”. Another thing I always like to remind people about is that I am offering up some of my own imagery for sale on the artist site, Redbubble. Click the link to visit my profile and see the images I have for sale (at a steal too – just wanted to share a few with the community!) Lest we not forget, B&H is also the place where pretty much everyone gets everything photography-related, so if you visit their site, use one of the banners here. It’s the same price to you on all gear but B&H does help off-set the hosting expenses with each purchase made through these links, so help a fellow photog out! 🙂

In other news, the Photo Walk Craze has spread to Scott Kelby as he and Matt went up to DC to join a Photo Walk. As some of you may recall a post I made a while back on tips for a successful Photo Walk, so it’s kind of cool to see these industry well-knowns also picking up steam in this area. Check out some of Scott’s shots from his blog post from yesterday. The second post was equally interesting too- it turns out the Copyright Office is now allowing you to register as many images as you can fit on a DVD for $45. Thanks for the link Scott!

The other Scott I follow is Scott Sherman (and Michael Stein) from The Digital Photography Show. They compile the last of their PMA interviews into the posting from Friday, and it’s a great listen when you get the chance. I break mine up during commutes, so after a day and a half, I am done. Well worth the time spent though, and the commute just flies!

Finally, here’s the web link for the Adding Blur Tutorial. Until next time, Happy shooting and watch those apertures!

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2 comments for “Adding Blur – and some more Photo Walk News

  1. March 19, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    Lest we not forget, B&H is also the place where pretty much everyone gets everything photography-related…

    Thanks for your kind words. This is very gratifying.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  2. March 19, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    Happy to oblige Henry – just stating the facts though…B&H rocks!

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