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Writing a page to describe the blog in a nutshell seemed like an easy enough thing to do.  Putting one together worthy of publishing though, that’s another story altogether.  The blog started as a way of simply sharing my experiences as I learned about the craft and technicalities of photography.  To some degree, that goal still exists today.  However, the blog has grown into so much more than that.  Here’s a couple other functions for the blog.

  1. A news resource:  Just like many other blogs on the internet, I do take some time each week to explore some of the latest news and stories that develop in the photography industry and share those stories, along with some thoughts and insights for the readership here.
  2. A source for reviews:  A while back, the blog was pretty much a mish mosh of news, information, reports, photography news, and reviews.  After a few friends suggested a blogging schedule, it made sense, so Mondays and Tuesdays are now (for the most part) devoted to hardware and software reviews when products are available.  Camera vendors have been very generous about sharing demo versions of their products with me, so the readership has been able to enjoy real reviews for real people, instead of paid, sponsored, info-mercial type ads.  If I like a product, it gets a good review.  If I don’t, the feedback is not as positive.  Like I said, real reviews for real people.
  3. Contest Announcements:  Because the blog has risen in popularity, vendors have also begun to express interest in participating in sponsored giveaways.  It’s great for them as it gets word out about their products.  It’s great for the readers because there is always a chance to win free products.  And (of course), it’s great for the blog because people continue to read and tune in to find out about the latest giveaways.  It’s a win-win-win scenario, and what’s not to love about that?
  4. Publishing Articles:  From time to time I will sit down with pen and ink (or should I say laptop and Word?) and put together some reading material either as a means of sharing something larger than a teensy nugget of information, or as part of an even larger body of work that I am considering (eBooks, printed books, magazine articles, etc.).  These make for great discussions, and I’ve received many positive comments and feedback when I share these.
  5. Publishing Newsletters:  By popular request, I have also begun to publish a monthly newsletter that highlights some of the key posts, news items and other points of interest over the past month.  The blog serves as the publishing point for that.
  6. A starting point:  The blog is a starting point for me on the internet – anyone looking to find me, my photography, or anything else about me, can find it from here on the blog.  After a recent thematic update, the header menu includes links to pretty much every resource I have out there, from photo galleries to contests and giveaway news, to free downloads, and even how to contact me for workshops, seminars, tutorials, and other work.

There’s more out there, so feel free to explore, but the above is just a short exploration of what the blog is about, and what it hopes to provide for the reading and listening audience.

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