Jason AndersonHello and welcome to Canon Blogger.  So, what is this place really all about?  So glad you asked!  Canon Blogger is all about sharing.  Sharing insights and experience from a photographer, blogger, an IT Professional for nearly ten years now, and most importantly, an educator!  My name is Jason Anderson and I am the host of CB.  I have been working with photography in various capacities for about seven years now.

As the name of the blog suggests, you probably know that my gear is based on the Canon family, specifically the EOS line.  Don’t worry though, as I have dabbled with Nikon, Pentax, and dating back to my youth, even the Vivitar line (specifically a 110 film camera), so content here is designed to be as device-agnostic as possible so everyone can get something from what I am sharing!

My goal is to share my experiences and thoughts on photography as I learn about it in hopes of helping those who have had, are having, or expect to have similar experiences, thoughts, and insights.  After all, learning is all about sharing insights and perspectives.  We can’t learn if we aren’t wiling to listen to others!  If you like to learn about photography, whether it’s be listening, reading, or just sharing experiences, then Canon Blogger is just the place for you!

So, welcome to the blog!  Welcome to my website!  Welcome to my own little corner of the internet where I share my own thoughts, perspectives and experiences on photography.  Whether that comes in the form of gear reviews, in-depth articles, even contests and newsletters, all is aimed at helping others learn all about photography and the passion that can (and does surround) it as a truly inspirational form of expression!  Join me in the adventures!

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