A visit from Andie Smith!

Friend of the blog, Andie Smith has generously donated her time again here to share some insider tricks and tips to get the most out of Lightroom 3 – she shows her work flow, what the effect of various presets are in LR, and how to effectively use them.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…Andie Smith

It is no secret I love Adobe Lightroom… the rumors are true, I refuse to edit without it.  As I’ve created my own presets I realized if they are created correctly you can “stack them”.  What is stacking? It is similar to using more than one action in Photoshop. I assume you want samples.

RAW image:

Andie Smith Photography (Original)

This is the original raw file

1. image with Work It-Awesome Portraits and some local adjustments (cleaned up skin and Work It- Pretty Eyes.)

Andie Smith Photography 1

2.   image with Work It-Awesome Portraits +Work It-Meadow. Medow is in the Tints and Tones and just adds some more blues and greens to the image.

Andie Smith Photography 2

3.   The way the presets are created, you can use the Tints and Tones on color or Black and White images.  Here is the same image with Work It- B&W Contrast Dark and then Work It- B&W Contrast Dark +Bobby

Andie Smith Photography 3

Andie Smith Photography 3

4.  But wait there is more! (I hope you read that in your best “info-mmercial” voice) you can use a vintage preset. I used Work It-Vintage

Andie Smith Photography 5

5. Then add a tint and tone on top of the vintage preset. here is Work It-Vintage + Work it- Little Red School House

Andie Smith Photography 6

There isn’t an image that leaves Andie Smith Photography or Eight18 Photography that hasn’t had one of the Work It presets used on it.  It is my work flow.  No matter the presets you are using don’t forget to customize them to make them work for you… “some assembly is required” as the saying goes.


Editor Note:  Thanks again to Andie for stopping in and sharing her workflow.  If you like the styles, you can purchase the entire preset package from her website for only $89 here:  Andie Smith Photography

She has also generously donated a full copy of her presets to the Lightroom Workshop, so if you happen to be attending, you will get the set there too.  Not attending, sign up and get the whole rest of the day for only $10 more!  Hope to see you there!

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2 comments for “A visit from Andie Smith!

  1. Andras
    August 24, 2010 at 9:53 am

    I use the Work IT presets as well, and I have to say “Wow!; it made my editing a lot easier and my pictures better looking !! It’s a small price for such a professional look! Great stuff Andy! and great site Jason!

    Andras (The Netherlands)

  2. August 24, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    Excellent job, I use Lightroom 2 but looking into 3. this is a great tutorial on how to use the different features, I will use it in my classroom.

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