A simple question is never simple…

I am putting together a DIY project that requires a tool which is rather pricey (roughly $50).  So in the interests of keeping costs down, I’ve been contacting local glass cutting shops (although that might be telling too much) to see if they have the tool needed for the job.  Specifically, the shop needs to have a 3  and1/8″ diamond tipped hole saw for this project.  The first words out of my mouth are always:

“Hi, my name is Jason and I am trying to find a local shop that can cut a piece of glass for me, but it must be done with a 3 and 1/8″ diamond tipped hole saw bit.  Do you have that specific size?”

The responses have almost invariably come with a question.  (My mother always taught me that it’s rude to answer a question with another question, but I digress…)  Some of the questions are common, others are odd, and the best ones are just downright silly/stupid/funny.  Here are some of the funnier responses:

  • “What are you trying to cut?”  (My answer – Glass)
  • “Is this for a vanity?”  (My answer – Sure, why not.)
  • “A what?” (repeated myself – then “Um…a hole saw?”)
  • “What’s this for?” (My response – A DIY project I am working on.)
  • “Where’s the glass?” (My response – In my hand…although I wanted to say “Kamchatka”)
  • “So, what is it you are trying to do?” (My answer – Cut a piece of glass)

Seriously, if someone calls your store with a specific question like that – just answer the question.  It’s a simple yes/no answer.  I really don’t want to take ten minutes to explain this to every glass cutting operation in the metro area.  Do you have the tool or not?  It’s kind of like the TV show Deal or No Deal.  Just pick an answer (hopefully the correct one) and run with it – saves me time, saves you time, and just gets to the heart of the matter.  The sad part is that the few shops who did have the correct size want to charge $50 for the cut.  I can buy the hole saw for $42 from Bosch!  I realize the economy is tight, but the last thing you want to do is either ask irrelevant questions or over-charge for something this simple.  Apparently a simple question is never simple…

What about you?  Have you ever worked on a DIY project and just run into a wall of resistance like this?  Sound off in the comments! (but keep on smiling…and shooting!)

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3 comments for “A simple question is never simple…

  1. goocy
    June 18, 2010 at 5:37 am

    Maybe it would speed up the process if you showed them a picture of the hole saw first…

  2. hannes
    June 19, 2010 at 11:08 am

    since I’m building lots of different kinds of stuff and machines I can understand what you mean. But I learned that the questions of the salesman are legitimate, because e.g. “what are you trying to cut” and your answer is “glass”…. yes but there are different kinds of glass, and is the glass in a window attached to a house, or something like that 😉
    and sometimes they even have better solutions (of course if they know what you are talking about 😉

    and the most timesaving advice i have is to just say “I want to cut glass, can you please put me through to your specialist?” because most of the time the first person who answers the phone is some kind of secretary and doesn’t know much about details 🙂

    so good luck

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