A long weekend…

President’s Day has afforded many of us the pleasures of a long weekend.  I took advantage of the opportunity by catching up on some over-needed Z’s, visiting with family, and making strides on the back car-port-turned-screened-in-porch.   So, it’s now Monday afternoon and I am just now sitting down at the computer for some meaningful minutia to share.

One fun little tidbit I got came from the Red Bubble community where a lot of fine art photography can be found.  It seems many there are familiar with another community called EyeFetch.  I know, there’s tons of communities out there, but these seem to be different in that they are full of really positive energies, contests, and great sources of inspiration that is sometimes lacking in the more technical communities.  So, stop over at EyeFetch and see if it’s to your liking.  I could get hooked on these fine art communities.

The other is a couple videos from Joe McNally, who apparently has a dedicated channel on YouTube for some of his videography.  Pretty cool stuff – if you’re afraid of heights, then don’t watch the one on the Empire State Building.

That’s it for today – tutorial Tuesday is only 24 hours away, so stay tuned!

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