A change of plans

This week I am adding a new feature to the blog, in hopes of making things more interactive, and as a means of contributing market research for the field of photography as a whole. In all the blog posts I’ve done over the past year (we’re getting close too…), the content has really been focused on information I’ve put together that I thought could be helpful to others. Well, no man is an island, so I am going to start incorporating weekly polls for people to participate in. These polls are created by a company called VIzu that does market research for a wide variety of industries. They are free to create, and can offer an opportunity for us to help shape future research and development in the field of photography, and beyond! So, in the interests of giving back, the first poll will hopefully help to show how often we go out and make photos as personal projects. Thanks for taking part, and feel free to share ideas for future polls in the comments.  Don’t forget to pass it on to your friends, so they can help shape our future too!

As always, happy shooting, have a great weekend and keep watching those apertures! 🙂

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