25 Gift Ideas for 2010 – Part 5!

As we rush to get our last minute gifts purchased for the holidays, here is the final set in the five part series of gift ideas for the photographer.  I kept the criteria simple:

  • I must either want it or already own it!
  • It must cost $50 or less

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Okay, now without further ado, the final 5 of the 25 Item Gift Guide for 2010!

1.  Energizer Ultimate Batteries – I had recommended the Sanyo Eneloops last go around because they held their charge much better, and could go through more recharges.  However, my most recent issue of consumer reports indicates that the Energizers have caught up and surpassed them.  Apparently cheaper and packing an equal oomphf ranked it higher, so it goes double for me as I find Consumer Reports to be one of the most reputable publications available.  And for the bargain basement price of $6 on Amazon, it’s worth testing these in the flash units!

Energizer Ultimate Batteries

Energizer Ultimate Batteries

2.  Webcam – Now that I have a widescreen 24″ LCD on my desktop computer, I find I want to spend more time at it than my laptop.  And for those of us who bought monitors for their viewing and not a built in rinky-dink camera, the add-on of an independent webcam cam make video chats and messaging much easier with friends and loved ones.  I personally like the Logitech line, and they have several for under $50.  Unless you are looking for a webcam that scans your face and tracks with it, there’s really no need to invest more money.  They come as cheap as $20, but I’d trust the C310 HD Webcam.  It’s got a built in microphone too, so no frogging around with headphones and other wired products to talk – it’s that easy!  Plus, right now the regular price of $46 is almost knocked in half with holiday savings – down to $26+ shipping.

Logitech Webcam

Logitech Webcam

3.   F-Stop Watch – Okay, I know this has a high geek factor, but it really is a watch, and the design isn’t that outlandish.  The best part though – is that the f-stops are positioned in their relative clock positions…all the way from f1.4 up to f11!  How cool is that?  For the photog in your life – it’ll be a great gift, and at only $36, well under the price threshold.  Consider it on your final online push…I just told Tracy about it with an “Teee!  Look at this!”

4.  Justin Clamp – I’ve been looking at these for years, and when I get more serious about off-camera lighting using wireless triggers, a Justin Clamp will come in very handy in situations where a light stand just cant reach, or is too awkward.  A one time charge from B&H for $46, and you don’t have to buy it beer or pizza afterward!  Mine’s officially on the list!  Get yourself one too if you use lights!

Justin Clamp

Justin Clamp

5. Zipshot Tripod – I am not normally one to take risks on gear, and know that you need to spend decent money if you need reliable gear, but here I am making an exception.  This cool little tripod is called the Zipshot, and looks to be made out of the same lightweight rods that camping tents are constructed from – with tension strings that makes it self assemble faster than anything I’ve ever seen.  The speedy setup, combined with its compact and lightweight specs make this something to consider if you are out and about in an active capacity and on the go.  It won’t hold more than a 3LB SLR, so with the 50D weighing in at about a pound and a half, you could probably throw up to say an 28-135mm lens on here and watch it stay in place to capture longer exposures.  I don’t think I’d put anything bigger on it, but for something quick and easy, this compact and durable device fits the ticket at right under the $50 mark.

Zipshot Tripod

Zipshot Tripod

There they are, all 25 gift guide ideas in their glory.  Thanks go out to many readers who pointed me to the “best of” lists around the web and other outlets and resources from which these few were pulled.  Happy shooting, and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow with the latest and greatest from LDP!  Yup, the annual holiday show! (Well, not really, an annual event, but likely the last of the year, so stop in for a fireside chat with me and my special guest as we talk about the “Finding Your Creative Vision”.

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3 comments for “25 Gift Ideas for 2010 – Part 5!

  1. scc
    December 8, 2010 at 8:11 am

    the energizer batteries you list are not rechargeable.

  2. December 12, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Oh Jason….. last year you made me buy battery caddies, this year you’ve got me looking for new batteries. Soon I’m going to start calling you “battery man” as you keep pointing me to portable power and power accessories!

    • December 12, 2010 at 7:47 pm

      The Energizers actually are not rechargeable, so the recommendation is mitigated somewhat…I do like my Eneloops, but suspect the Energizers would be good for things like computer mice and keyboards…the devices that only need a trickle charge.

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